Strategy Development


Transforming your strategy from bullet points on a presentation into a living and breathing system that drives management decisions and that is linked to operational performance

Strategic Development and Translation

We can help you turn your vision and values into strategic themes, direction and the “where and what” goals and objectives. We help you translate your strategic direction into manageable themes, with allocated senior owners, and ensure that the appropriate performance measurements are defined, then the data collection and review mechanisms are established to ensure that progress towards these targets is understood and acted upon.

The Improve Business Assurance Model

Our holistic approach is based on the Kaplan & Norton Closed Loop Management system, linking the cycle of strategic planning and execution, the measurement and review of performance, and the review and adoption of the strategic objectives and measurements. This ensures that any business change is thought of in terms of a holistic model, rather than an isolated improvement. It ensures that the improvement activities are linked to the most important strategic and operational measures to ensure full alignment on the highest priority activities. It also provides a framework within which management decisions can be taken – ensuring that the impact of any improvements and changes are monitored on the key measures of success.

Improve Business Assurance Model