Business Performance


“What gets measured gets done” – The implementation of structured Management Control Systems underpinned by Balanced Scorecards and KPIs provides the infrastructure to manage your business. Linking the operational performance measurement to the Strategic Goals ensures that the critical business performance metrics are managed and reviewed, and that the organisation aligns with the strategic direction

Management Control Systems – ensures the “how” the organisation is managed, reviewed and ran; providing clarity of focus, accountability and responsibility. Having the right measures is only part of the solution – these need to be reviewed by the right people at the right time. We ensure that a “closed loop” review: from the performance / target gap analysis, through appropriate improvement action decision, action implementation and through to ensuring the measurement of impact of the actions on the key metrics. This helps to ensure that the effectiveness of actions taken are measured, and that there is clarity of ownership to ensure performance targets are met.

Performance Management and KPIs - with our expertise rooted in Balance Scorecard design and implementation, we turn the “what” that gets measured into reality. We ensure that the cascade of performance measures and their “cause and effect” relationship is understood, creating the alignment between operational metrics and the strategic and operational goals. This is supported through an established flexible software solution to track the metrics and provide

Alignment of improvement activities - the strategic and operational performance reviews against key metrics ensure effective prioritisation for business improvement activities, and also provide the closed loop system to monitor the consequential impact of the improvement activities on the key business performance metrics. This helps to ensure that the improvement actions are taken against the important issues for the organisation, which are high on the management agenda, thereby helping to ensure support for the improvement actions.